Four friends, three coffees, and a bottled water sat around a table in downtown Brattleboro. Between them were varied levels of responsibility to a statewide girls empowerment program, three state commissions and boards, a town selectboard, a hospital capital campaign, mental health facility board, theater renovation project, hockey association, two school fundraising committees, a summer camp for girls, three homes, four spouses (two of these friends are married to each other), six children, several careers, a BBQ & pizza joint, three dogs, a cat, and the looming prospect of a hamster.

“There’s got to be an easier way to do this,” they agreed.

“We keep hitting up the same people over and over for money and time.”  said the lawyer and investment advisor. “Isn’t there a way to consolidate efforts?”

“And there are so many different organizations serving the same community of people.” said the MSW, guardian ad litem with Windham County Family Court, and president of Girls on the Run Vermont. “
And they’re all competing for the same resources.”

“Anybody want more of anything?” said the waiter apropos of nothing.

“What if we put on two or three really big, fun events a year and focused the benefits on one organization at a time?” said the basically lazy humorist, radio shill, town selectman and anti-hamster activist. “We could bring new people to the party and give them something for their money.”

“I know a lot of really funny people who live within four hours of here.”  said the former Daily Show & Colbert Report executive, rock festival producer, but otherwise useless entertainment industry professional. “Lets get four or five of them to come up and tell us funny stories.”

“Here’s your check,” said the waiter.

One hundred and thirty seven phone calls later
The Hatch had locked down its first event:

Take A Seat—Five Storytellers on a Mission
Hilarious tales to raise a bunch of money for the Latchis Theatre
April 20, 2013, at the Latchis Theatre in downtown Brattleboro

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