On April 20, 2013 at the Latchis Theatre in Brattleboro, The Hatch raised $27,000 toward the replacement of their worn-out theater seats as part of an overall restoration of the historic building. Hosted by comedian Brooke Van Poppelen and featuring seasoned storytellers and humorists PJ O’Rourke, Peter Aguero, Adam Wade, Jim O’Grady and Ed Gavagan, Take a Seat—Five Storytellers on a Mission proved to the Hatch members and the community that fundraising can be hilarious.

November 2013: Storytellers Brian Babylon, Ophira Eisenberg, Dave Hill, SRSLY with Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson, Adam Wade and host Tom Shillue. More than $20,000 was raised for the New England Youth Theatre.

April 2014: Hosted by Peter Sagal with Storytellers Elna Baker, Peter Aguero, Cindy Pierce and Ian Chillag. The sold out crowd, along with event sponsors, raised $35,000 for the 35th anniversary of Morningside Shelter in Brattleboro.

November 2014: Our own Tom Bodett hosted the evening’s events at the Flynn Theatre in Burlington. The event benefitted Vermont Parks Forever, the foundation for Vermont State Parks. Storytellers Peter Aguero, Roy Blount, Jr., Ophira Eisenberg and Kevin Hand wowed the crowd.

April 2015: The Hatch will now host events once a year back in Brattleboro at the Latchis Theatre. The evening was dedicated to The Winston Prouty Center for Childhood Development. Storytellers Lizz Winstead, Ernesto Quinonez, Catie Lazarus, Adam Wade and David Martin kept the audiences rapt.


Legendary Moth rock star, Peter Aguero.


The audience piles into a theater badly in need of renovation.


Brooke Van Poppelin and Hatch co-founder Tom Bodett going over the rundown for the show.


Storytellers Jim O'Grady and PJ O'Rourke talk some kind of Irish nonsense.


Moth Story Slam winner, Adam Wade. Meaner than he looks.


Handsome and talented Ed Gavagan


Our inaugural Hatch event, April 2013.


Host Tom Shillue packs a punch at the November 2013 Storytellers event.


Gathering crowd in November 2013. Note the refurbished Latchis Theatre!


The crew (minus B. Babylon) for Storytellers November 2013 to benefit New England Youth Theatre.


Brian Babylon, November 2013.


Our second storytellers event, November 2013.


Peter Sagal, April 14

Our amazing lineup for April 2014

Our amazing lineup for April 2014


Even the Governor came to see Storytellers in Burlington. November 2014.


November 2014 Lineup: Tom Bodett, Ophira Eisenberg, Adam Wade, Peter Aguero, Roy Blount, Jr. and Kevin Hand.


Storyteller Adam Wade with Latchis Arts Executive Director Jon Potter. April 2015.


April 2015: Ernesto Quinonez, Adam Wade, David Martin, Catie Lazarus, Tom Bodett, Lizz Winstead.


Storytellers on a Mission. Telling hilarious stories to raise money for worthy nonprofits.

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